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I try to paint a world that is slightly different from the one we live in. Newly moved to the greenbelt, the natural forms and landscapes near me are a source of fascination compelling me to capture it. But sometimes I want my imagery to move beyond the realm of classic landscape or still life so that the narrative harbours a degree of anarchy. Separating quirky or interesting images from their natural context and mixing them with reality does that.


Painting in oil gives me the freedom to follow where the painting leads, letting me combine various unrelated subjects so that the work often takes on a life of its own. My ideas come to life in a way that can only be realized by putting paint on canvas. This is one of the pleasures of being an artist, if I can see it or think it, then I can capture it on canvas.


I get joy out of the act of painting, the careful strokes that allow me to see my ideas come to life. I strive to ensure that the paintings stay true to the fine art quality and craftsmanship of artists that I admire.

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