My realistic and surrealistic figurative oil paintings tend to examine the relationship between past and present, memory and reality, fact and fiction, in a way that can only be realized by putting paint on canvas. Often, though, the beauty of my surroundings or the attachment to a person or place compels me to try and capture it. This is one of the pleasures of being an artist, if I can see it or think it, then I can capture it on canvas.


Most of my paintings start with a sketch based on personal experience, memory for instance, or the flow of my life. Gathering reference material and working out a composition further develops these ideas. Painting in oil gives me the freedom to follow where the painting leads, letting me adapt as I see fit so that the work often takes on a life of its own. I get a lot of joy out of the act of painting, the careful strokes that allow me to see my ideas come to life. If I feel a work is interesting or amusing enough, I will follow through with a series based on the original concept.


I strive to ensure that the paintings stay true to the fine art quality and craftsmanship of artists that I admire.

© 2016 Anne Smythe

No image may be reproduced without the written consent of the artist.

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